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High Quality Content is an essential way to boost your online presence. Video Marketing is an important tool to showcase your skills and connect to your clients. 

At Vertica Productions, we serve Portland business owners and creatives, interested all kinds of content creation including:

Original Content

Landing Page



Business Marketing

Story Telling Through Film

Check out Ian Stout, our lead cinematographer's Show Reel:


The video production process kicks off with an exploration into what makes you / your brand awesome!

Once we understand your production needs, desires, and objectives for the upcoming video project, we can begin to form the scope of what we will create together.

From developing scripts, crafting the shot list, and deciding on filming locations, we formulate a personalized and strategic plan to ensure the success of your video production project from concept to completion.

Once on location, our professional and friendly crew make the filming process the most fun! We understand that this can be a vulnerable time for you and your team, especially if you are the one in front of the camera. Fear not, we have decades of experience of helping folks like you find ways to loosen up, find your voice, tap into your authenticity and yes, genuinely have a good time.

In post production, we have a team of award winning editors who will make the work pop! We then jump into our user friendly review process that helps us dial in your vision until you are thrilled with the final product.

Now you are READY FOR LAUNCH! 

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